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History is not black and white.
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gift for 6thClone :iconskylerfarrier:SkylerFarrier 0 0
The Voltai's Trill
Thrust lay on his berth, staring at the support braces of his too-small quarters. He could barely seem to recharge at all, lately. Had he even had a flux – good or bad – since his Shard was separated from his brother's? The clone could barely remember his last one.
The maroon jet wriggled a bit, trying to get his wings comfortable; even if he couldn't recharge, his systems needed a chance to reset after the long solar cycle. If only his processor were so easily shut off. But no, he was stuck online with the ghosts of memories echoing through his thought processes. Echoes from when he'd shared a frame with his greedy sibling in particular haunted him. Nomech had seemed to miss him. It was almost as if he'd been entirely forgotten. Worse still, he had forgotten the wonderful miu-mius, the Voltai-like creatures who'd led him to safety. Some dark-cycles, Thrust imagined he could hear their reproachful comments.
Like now.
“I'm sorry,” the jet apologized
:iconskylerfarrier:SkylerFarrier 1 0
OC Collab with Israel42 by SkylerFarrier OC Collab with Israel42 :iconskylerfarrier:SkylerFarrier 5 8 Skyflash colored by SkylerFarrier Skyflash colored :iconskylerfarrier:SkylerFarrier 8 5
Birthday Gift for Gojetron
Setting a cube of weak high-grade on the tray, Cliffjumper stood back to examine the confections: an elegantly shaped Energon block, laced with the best kinds of minerals; a small container of 'gravy'; several biscuits with assorted cyberries; and fancy Energon goodies. He'd spent almost a megacycle working on the latter. Quality couldn't be rushed and the main portion didn't have much room for improvement. The minibot picked up the tray and carried it out into his dining room. As he set it down on the table, a flicker of movement in the corner of his optic sent the red mech spinning around, servos transforming into weapons. The being cringed, letting out a quiet whine as he flung his servos up in front of his faceplate.
"Skywarp," he said, putting his stingers away, "I thought I told you it was too dangerous to keep coming to Cybertron."
Looking distraught, he purple Seeker sniffled, "I was scared; the others wanted me to go out on a raid with them."
Cliffjumper rubbed at his helm. It
:iconskylerfarrier:SkylerFarrier 2 4
The toy. It was all she could see. She wanted it. "Give it to me now!" the youngling stomped her pede. Then she remembered her Da's lectures. "Give it to me now, please." But the tone hadn't changed at all.
The smaller of the twins looked up at his older sister and peeped before turning back to his twin and churring in sparkling-talk.
Little Skydrop's wings vibrated. It was a cool toy and those two hadn't let go of it since her Papi had made it. "Giiiiive," she whined, yanking it out of their servos. Shutdown looked up, libricants welling in the corners of his optics, and Shutout begain wailing.
A much larger Seeker walked up behind her. "Wot're yeh doin now, lasseh?"
Clutching the toy close to her chestplate with one servo, the left pointed accussingly at the twins. "Brovers won't let me play wiv them!" As she was picked up, the little femme buried her helm in her father's chestplate -still with a death grip on the toy- and started to let out short clicking sobs. 'Crocod
:iconskylerfarrier:SkylerFarrier 3 9
Where There's A Spark part 17
Eying the large concrete couch, Skyler wondered where to sit. Bumblebee and Sari had claimed the actual seat, leaving no room for Bulkhead, who was resting nearby on his L-shaped shoulder protrusions. I don't want to sit by those two, or somewhere that I can get squished. The back of the sofa looked promising. She glanced at Sari and jumped up onto the sofa, and from there to the arm. The girl and the mini-bot were absolutely addicted to a racing game and were currently trash-talking each other over the noise of the television.
The large screen left running to detect any form of Cybertronian signals beeped and a window appeared, playing a recorded transmission. A stern blueish faceplate framed by an even darker blue helm spoke. "Optimus Prime, we have finally tracked your signal and shall arrive at your location within the solar cycle. Prepare for a full debriefing and have the AllSpark ready for collection." Every head in the room whipped around to stare as the display faded to
:iconskylerfarrier:SkylerFarrier 5 21
Where There's A Spark, There's A Way part 16
"For the last time, I didn't touch your stupid backpack!" Sari leaned forward, fists on her hips, and glowered at Skyler.
"Who else could have taken it?" The older woman gesticulated at the onlooking Cybertronians. Curious as to what the only humans on base were arguing heatedly about, they'd all formed a circle, staring down. "The only one besides you that could even reach in there is Bumblebee, and you two are thick as thieves!"
Naturally, the Earth phrase went over the helms of the Autobots, as Starscream picked up the general meaning from his partner's mind. Seeing Sari glance guiltily at Bumblebee, Skyler let out a sigh. "Just give it back, okay?" At a glance from Optimus, the little yellow mech shuffled off, helm down.
Bumblebee returned, carrying the bag in his servos. While drawfed by his hand, it contrasted with his paintjob, drawing attention to it. Skyler couldn't take her eyes off it; she always got antsy when it was out of her sight. The backpack was the only real t
:iconskylerfarrier:SkylerFarrier 6 10
Where There's A Spark, There's A Way part 15
She walked back and forth on the table, trying to wake herself up fully before attempting to climb down. If she fell wrong and broke her ankle or sprained her leg, Starscream was sure to razz her about it. And the choices - tough the pain out, beg her Partner for help, or limp over to the Autobot medic - weren't all that appealing to her. Deep breath. You awake yet? Deciding that the answer was 'yes', Skyler dropped to her knees, turning around and sliding off the berth until she was dangling by her hands. A peek over her shoulder reassured her that the drop was manageable.
Thank heaven Sari'd needed to live at the base for so long. Not only was there a restroom, but a fully functional shower was included! Closing the door firmly behind her, the woman dug through her backpack for shower supplies and a fresh change of clothes before stepping into the shower. It had been awhile since Skyler was able to feel this relaxed. Not completely, because she still had to keep her mental shi
:iconskylerfarrier:SkylerFarrier 8 22
Rainylake 20,003 Kiriban by SkylerFarrier Rainylake 20,003 Kiriban :iconskylerfarrier:SkylerFarrier 1 0
WreckGar/Swindle - for A-Virginia-D
"What's this we have here, then?"
Wreck-Gar winced internally as tan-and-purple servos dug inside his back-mounted tub, fishing through the sub-space. "You know you can't come back here without something decent for me to sell," the former Combaticon chided.
When they'd first met, Swindle saw a potential customer. Wreck-Gar saw a potential friend. Good thing his sticker had washed off when he took a tumble into the bay, or that would be a problem.
Swindle was quickly disappointed by his lack of credits, or any recognizable form of tender, but when Wreck-Gar produced the cut-up bits of a credit card some human had thrown away, his interest peaked. "What else do you have in that handy container, my good mech?~"
When Wreck-Gar proceeded to pull a seemingly endless string of items from his storage, credit-signs flashed in front of Swindle's optics. What a valuable 'business partner' this mech would make! And no insignia, so no faction to demand his return...
The Junkion quickly learned that
:iconskylerfarrier:SkylerFarrier 10 3
A Sneaky Bet
Skyflash studied her holocards blankly. She wasn't sure which of them had come up with this nonsensical idea, but her credits were on Lockout. She certainly wasn't the one to suggest the loser of each round remove a piece of armor.
'Strip poker', the local organics called it. Personally, she preferred the 'drunk off her aft' method of removing armor, but he'd insisted they stay sober.
Lockout seemed to be enjoying himself, since the holocards were his on-the-spot invention. He'd grabbed some discarded data pads and cobbled together a smaller version of them. Fifty-two, to be precise. The unused components served as betting credits. The femme had been rather emphatic about that. If she wasn't going to get any high-grade while stripping for this lecherous science-bot, then she wasn't paying credits. Why the frag should she be paying him if she was the one stripping? The cheater has probably researched this game before even suggesting it. That was the only explanation for wh
:iconskylerfarrier:SkylerFarrier 7 71
TFA-WWW Log 8.13.12
Prowl quietly followed along behind the ninjabot master, not sure what was going on. Yoketron had woken him from recharge, saying nothing other than "Come with me." Accustomed to obeying the sensei without question, Prowl obeyed. Their path took them into a large room marked by holographic busts of some of Yoketron's best pupils. Prowl wasn't surprised to see the Magnus among them. Without warning, Yoketron stopped in front of a large door with no visible lock or means of opening. He turned. "Prowl. You were one of my best pupils and have nearly reached the limit of what I can teach you. Only one thing remains: processor over matter. Few can master this. Watch." With that, the old bot turned and began a slow, elaborate series of gestures, humming in a discordant tune. The doors glowed and slowly creaked open before Prowl's astonished optics. "Come. There is something I must show you before others arrive."
Ultra Magnus drove silently along with his specially chosen group
:iconskylerfarrier:SkylerFarrier 0 0
Destination Earth Log 8.1.12
Crazy femme! Was she TRYING to knock him out of the sky?! He threw his boosters into overdrive and dodged the second blow. Fragit! Now he was REALLY cutting into his energon reserves. What did he have to say to make her stop smacking at him? Oh, maybe he was misunderstanding her accent? That made sense! She thought he was accusing her of being a klutz, not accusing HIM of being a klutz. <I didn't zuggezt you'd knock something over, I zaid you'd touch zomezink zat you zhouldn't! Virus ees very touchy about heez zuppliez and I vasn't going to let heem zrow a feet on me. I'm also not ze one zat ztarez at ze test tubez, zat is Virus. I zimply "supervise" hiz vork!> Close enough to the truth, if not completely true. It should be good enough for her, hopefully.
Skyflash roared her thrusters, falling sulkily into her original position. What good was a flier who'd go down screeching after a single blast to the wings anyways? The Autobots already knew to aim at whatever kept th
:iconskylerfarrier:SkylerFarrier 2 0
Destination-Earth 7.31.12
Lockout waited, watching as the scouts pulled towards him and waiting for them to make the first move. He wondered why he'd been ordered to meet with them anyway. It wasn't like he had any new weapons or items that the Decepticons could use, though him and Virus had a couple of promising prototypes they were working on. They weren't anywhere near ready for use and mass production though. He hoped they weren't on orders to bug him to go wherever the other Cons were keeping themselves. Besides, it's not like they needed him there, did they? After all, they reported in what they had, still communicated with them, and in their own lab Virus wouldn't go volatile and he wouldn't have to work and any explosions or other things that could happen when a prototype failed wouldn't damage anyone but themselves.
The stark reply was good news, even if the packaging was a bit stiff - she'd delt with far more rude and condecending mech and femme before, but this wasn't the time nor pla
:iconskylerfarrier:SkylerFarrier 2 0
Destination-Earth 7.30.12
Perched atop one of the rocky formations of this dusty world, the black femme kept a hawk-like optic open for any movement on the horizon. She had recieved a transmission detailing the assigning of a partner, and had arrived at the coordinates that had been provided. Partner? Her faceplates crumpled in distrust. Who knows what kind of mech they'd pair her with this time. A precaution, she'd been told, to keep an optic on her.
Skyflash flew between the mountains, taking her time. This planet was so flat, she wanted to enjoy it while she could. Soon she'd have a partner dragging her around. Primus, she wasn't sure whether she preferred mech or femme. Mech would be better, she decided, closing in on the coordinates, she looked enough like a mech that she could pass as one, and it just got awkward working with femmes and their flirting. She wasn't sure what she'd done to warrant a partner's supervision, but it couldn't have been good.
The roar of a jet
:iconskylerfarrier:SkylerFarrier 3 0

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Submitted my thesis paper (it is actually getting published, along with the rest of the class' papers) and am graduating next Sunday. A week from today, I will be officially done with college AND turning a quarter-century!
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Dunno what I even plan to do with this anymore. :XD: I don't use this site a whole lot now, but that might change when I get my fic's overhaul done it's gonna happen on FFdotnet first and have a reason to derp around more here.

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There's been times I felt like it, and times I wished I was. DeviantArt is full of some bad memories for me, and I'm considering my recovery as still shaky.
But hey! It has now been 15 months since I started RPing the Animated version of Starscream on Tumblr, and I'm almost up to 300 followers most of whom just sit and watch but ilu guys all the same, which utterly baffles me how I got so many.
Did you know it's only been 3 years since I found out what "Role Play" was? Huge mind frag, I know.
And 5 years since I put any significant effort into writing.
I've held down a job for a full year, defying all statistics for people sharing only one of my mental disorders. Toss the other two in and... I try to remind myself of this when I am down.
The last two years I've taken part-time classes, and so I have two more years to go. I'm really looking forward to this, as those in my major-year will have graduated, and I will be in a new batch of students.

Kittens have been born and cats have died, and my lovely lady [who's trying to get in my lap right now, she doesn't usually do that] had developed an aversion to hard food. She's spoiled rotten now, because it has to be a very specific brand and type. It has to be the pate', just because she had problems chewing the shreds/morsels, but she then wants Fancy Feast, and it should have cheese in it, preferentially the seafood & cheese, but chicken & cheese is the best thing ever. So I get woken up at random hours by an extremely affectionate queen. She knows how to get me out of bed and will lead me the whole way. "Okay, see? You sits up. Then you get these things off of you," *she pulls the blankets away* "and now... hey! You're not supposed to be lying back down! I'm gonna jump on you just because," and so on.

Oh, yeah. If someone wants a link to the blog, send me a message. I've put my fanfic on hold due to getting to know the character better, and have actually started rewriting the first few chapters ugh, does anyone enjoy looking at their very beginnings of writing? but that will take some doing.

The literally-over-10k Deviations and 2.5k Journals is very daunting, but I might just plain ignore those. No sense in needlessly stressing myself out.

My friends and family have been very supportive and it's rather scary to think of where I would be without that safety net. I know that eventually I will have to brave the tightrope-walk by myself, but that will come when I am ready. :meow: holycrap I forgot all the emotes and plz-accounts I used to use

Edit: Down to 5.1k deviations! :D
Trimmed out some of my Watches, like deleting old contacts from a phone is said to help with depression, aid in the "letting go" of people.
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